List of contributors

ZOO-Project founders

The ZOO-Project concept, architecture and source code implementation was initiated in 2008 by the following individuals:

  • Gérald FENOY (aka djay)

  • Nicolas BOZON (aka nbozon)

  • Venkatesh RAGHAVAN (aka venka)

ZOO-Project Project Steering Commitee

The ZOO Project Steering Comitee is responsible to manage the project which is maintained, improved, and supported by a small but growing developer community. The PSC is composed of the following people (by alphabetical order):

Current members:

Past members:

ZOO-Project Commiters

The following individuals will be considered authorized ZOO-Project committers as long as they each review the commiter guidelines, and agree to adhere to them. The ZOO-Project commiters are listed here by alphabetical order.

  • Nicolas BOZON (aka nbozon)

  • Trevor CLARKE (aka tclarke)

  • Luca DELUCCHI (aka lucadelu)

  • René-Luc D’HONT (aka reluc)

  • Gérald FENOY (aka djay / gfenoy on GitHub) Admin

  • Knut LANDMARK (aka knut)

  • Jeff MCKENNA (aka jmckenna)

  • Markus NETELER (aka neteler)

  • Marco NEGRETTI (aka nmarco)

  • David SAGGIORATO (aka david)

  • Angelos TZOTSOS (aka kalxas)

Other contributors

The following individuals have also contributed to the ZOO-Project source code or documentation.

  • Thomas GRATIER

  • Guillaume SUEUR

  • Daisuke YOSHIDA