How to contribute ?

Please consider the following simple rules if you would like to contribute to the ZOO-Project open source software.


Anybody is welcome to share and contribute ideas, code, documentation or any relevant resource. This should be done according to the directives stated in the ZOO-Project Contributor Guide.

Code of Conduct

Contributors to this project are expected to act respectfully toward others in accordance with the OSGeo Code of Conduct.


ZOO-Project activities are directed by the Project Steering Committee (PSC) and the software itself is being developed, maintained and documented by an international community of users and developers (aka ZOO-Tribe).

Contributions are moderated and integrated in trunk at the discretion of the ZOO-Project PSC. Commit access are usually granted to active contributors by vote from the PSC members.


ZOO-Project source code is open source and made available under the MIT/X-11 license. You must agree to the terms of that same license when creating, submiting and releasing new source code.

ZOO-Services contributions must conform to MIT/X-11 License.

External software tools used in implementing ZOO-Services must be compliant with OSI ( certified Open Source Licenses.

ZOO-Project documentation is open source and made available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License . You must agree to the terms of that same license when creating, submiting and releasing a new documentation file.

Service Providers

ZOO-Project service providers (core development, support, training) can be found on the Service Providers page.

Service providers are also listed on the OSGeo Service Provider Directory.

Available media

Discussions and contributions to ZOO-Project are encouraged using the following public media.

Mailing lists

Feel free to post any question, feedback, comment or idea to the general public mailing list. For project managment or governance topics, please use the PSC list.




General mailing list for ZOO-Project users and developers


Project Steering Committe mailing list


Join the #zoo-project channel on LiberaChat to discuss with the ZOO-Tribe at any time.


Bug reports and code patches should be shared using the ZOO-Project bug tracking system, as specified in the contribute-code section.


Wiki pages can also be created by registered users. They can be used in order to describe any concept, contribution and or action that benefits or is related to the project.