ZOO Status Service

The ZOO-Status Service is a ZOO-Project utility allowing to get the status of a running WPS Service.


It returns the stage of completion of the ongoing Service in percentage (%). The ZOO-Status Service is usefull to monitor ZOO-Services. It can also be used to animate WPS progress bars from client-side applications.


To install the ZOO Status Service you have to move in /path/to/zoo/source/zoo-services/utils/status/ and compile the source running the make command. If no errors are returned during compilation you can copy the content of cgi-env to /usr/lib/cgi-bin/ or where you have your zoo_loader.cgi working with this command (you need administration right):

cp /path/to/zoo/source/zoo-services/utils/status/cgi-env/*{zcfg,zo,py} /usr/lib/cgi-bin

With this command you copy the code to permit to ZOO Status Service and some example processes about how it works.

Now you have to add these two lines to main.cfg :


Here you define the path where the service is able to find the xsl file, specified in the dataPath parameter. You also tell the ZOO Kernel that you want to use the rewriteUrl.

The last operation is to copy the updateStatus.xsl to dataPath directory as follow:

cp /path/to/zoo/source/zoo-services/utils/status/cgi-env/*{xsl} /var/www/data